Cool stats, but I'm confused how the |jquery| tag holds the top 10 position in "most copied answers"... Isn't jQuery dead since like 5 millennials ago?

Have to concur with the top comment by Pengicitis:

> this video is very important

Worst thing about using GNU/Linux is the generic tech support replies you get.

Image is from a streaming site support where I was unable to login via the web browser

Sisu is my new favorite character of all time

Absolutely adorable character. GO WATCH THE MOVIE!!


Would be practical to have

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🐌 🙋‍♀️

These are confusingly similar.

Enforce password change once per quarter?
Oh, you mean "get locked out of our computer once a quarter because we've forgotten the password"? Or how about "write down my password on a sticky note so it's not secure at all"?
Yea that works great yao

Fatta bli världens första shit bucket programmerare

I wonder why we still don't have public IP addresses for our phones yet, given how long IPv6 has been out

I would want a thesaurus that only suggests programming related words.

Like instead of
Object: thing, item, body

You would get
Object: class, struct, polymorphism

Would be so useful with an extensive dataset when you need to come up with variable names

I just imagined buying a dog
I think I'll name it "Meep von Miller"

Meep is such a cute dog

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Hey finally got my GameStick booted with some custom android firmware, loaded in some Super Mario SNES ROMs in an emulator, and woop woop! I have a gaming console 😹

When boiling tomato soup, you're creating tomato bubbles

"Btw I have my own NextCloud instance"
is the new
"Btw I use Arch"

Avsluta en konversation med nån galen med o säga
> "Krya på dig"
< "Jag är frisk..."
> "Men du är sjuk i huvudet!"

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