: Food coloring does not stick to dog fur :(

Last image is after drying him after the 20 min bath

I'm developing borderline excessive collector habits. Watch my attempts at fighting it

Quite proud of that toilet roll collection though. Took me +2 years

Worst thing about using GNU/Linux is the generic tech support replies you get.

Image is from a streaming site support where I was unable to login via the web browser

Sisu is my new favorite character of all time

Absolutely adorable character. GO WATCH THE MOVIE!!

Hey finally got my GameStick booted with some custom android firmware, loaded in some Super Mario SNES ROMs in an emulator, and woop woop! I have a gaming console 😹

Playing around with some CSS media queries...

You can totally have a border radius with a transition depending on media query. The looks is kind of freighting though

Don't know why I haven't joined earlier. Long overdue but finally a member of the FSF :)

I finally finished problem sleuth. What an ending. I loved the whole of it ❤ Got damn best detective series in the whole got damn universe

PI is clearly my favorite though

Never invite a boat owner to your party, they'll steal yo beaches

Idk, I somehow find it amusing that UNs Global Compact official website is hosted with Heroku.
That just popped my bubble of thinking Heroku is just for small indie websites for people who want free website hosting.

I bought myself porcelain pens and drew faces on my mugs. I'm honestly quite scared of the mug on the right

Sometimes the biggest bugs requires the simplest solutions

"Solved problem by stop using Visual Studio 2017 and started using Visual Studio 2010."

or you know, just downgrade

(source: social.msdn.microsoft.com/Foru)

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