noooooooooo my body was so ready,,,

scrubb my a$$ :[

I wonder how much memory is used on integers and pointers. Because I have 16GB of RAM on my machine, which means the largest pointer would be ~2^34, which leaves 30 bits always set to 0 in all pointers on my 64-bit machine. As for regular integers it's rare to use numbers over just a couple of thousands in programs.

But, well most memory is used to store binary data anyway (images, videos, text) so this maybe doesn't matter much.

Fun to think about though. How much RAM is wasted on pointers?

*time travels*
Me: "What year is this?"
Random person: "Zweitausendzweiundzwanzig"
Me: "..."
Me: 🙂🙃🙂🙃🙂🙃🙂🙃
Me: segmentation fault


Tried compiling emacs today, but got an error:

> `Internal native compiler error: "../../lisp/international/titdic-cnv.el", "failing to compile function", #<symbol titdic-
convert at 16545>`

OK sure it's apparently the "cxterm TIT-format dictionary to quail-package converter"

But I just asked my coworker if he knew anything about the titdic symbol

it tingles my childish humor wiThOuT cOnSenT!!1!

@garbados Heh yea, I like Berty's transparency on this at least that burn-on-read (BOR) isn't really a security feature:

"consider that it’s just a visual feature, but not something secure."

Classical child show from Sweden 🇸🇪

"Hej alla barn nu är det barnprogram, Titta nu här vad farbror frej tar fram:
En liten rulle och nu ska ni höra,
vad man med en liten rulle kan göra: Sätt den i rumpan och tuta och kör, så vipps har vi gjort oss ett avgasrör!"

Yeah, Google translate that if you dare 👀

@FallCheetah7373 @WoozleWuzzle
Where's the "only accept yummy cookies" button when I need it? 😹

"Do you accept our cookies?"
> reject cookies
> navigate to different page on same domain
"Do you accept our cookies?"
> reject cookies again
> refresh page
"Do you accept our cookies?"
> install cookie request blocker
"Do you accept our cookies?"


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I wonder if being on here during my twitter break is like when I tried to quit smoking using cigars

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Idea for new shell script lang:

- Function call syntax, instead of parameter parsing, like `cat("hello.txt")`

- Support for complex types, so I can stop having to deal with Bash's arrays

- Transpile to POSIX to allow sourcing in Bash/Zsh

- Good flag parsing built in. No more weird Bash case statements at the end. With completion support!

- For loops on lines

- Easy multithread/-tasking

- Strongly typed

Would've been nice

Can't watch the embedded video unless I accept tracking cookies...


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Hello forge federation visionaries 🙂

New contributors wish to revive and continue work on ForgeFed! We're going to figure out the details together, to staff roles and responsibilities and access to project resources, and make sure everyone's needs are taken into consideration, both old and new contributors.

I'll keep posting here about this transition.

May the forge federation be with us soon ^_^


What a contrast, I'm moving from Stockholm where smoking within 15 meters of a bar is considered illegal and can cost thousands for a single fine, and then I move to Hamburg where the first thing I see is the bartender lighting a cigarette, because THEY DONT HAVE STUPID LAWS FROM THE GOVERNMENT LIKE THAT

Oh gosh I'm amused

that Tuesday (swedish: Tisdag) was named after the god Tyr (swedish: Ti), who was the god of war.

Apparently in old Swedish tradition you usually start wars on Tuesdays, or spend Tuesdays on preparing for war by e.g sharpening your sword.

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This is great: "stable" coin project relies on community governance, so a hacker borrows $1b, uses it to get a 67% voting stake, votes that the project should wire them $182m, then pays back the huge loan and exits -- all in the space of 13 seconds. The "stable" coin immediately crashes.

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Guess what! Mastodon’s official #Android app was finally approved and is now on the Play Store.

F-Droid submission still being processed.

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Intending to submit our Android app to the Play Store for review today 🤞

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