that Tuesday (swedish: Tisdag) was named after the god Tyr (swedish: Ti), who was the god of war.

Apparently in old Swedish tradition you usually start wars on Tuesdays, or spend Tuesdays on preparing for war by e.g sharpening your sword.

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This is great: "stable" coin project relies on community governance, so a hacker borrows $1b, uses it to get a 67% voting stake, votes that the project should wire them $182m, then pays back the huge loan and exits -- all in the space of 13 seconds. The "stable" coin immediately crashes.

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Guess what! Mastodon’s official #Android app was finally approved and is now on the Play Store.

F-Droid submission still being processed.

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Intending to submit our Android app to the Play Store for review today 🤞

Sorry I can't clean my room today, my vacuum cleaner is getting a firmware update

Omg they've made a series! Watchable on Paramount+ (YetAnotherStreamingService)

I've watched the first two episodes, and I can strongly recommend!

Annoyed though with the typical movie thing where they must remove the helmet all of the time just for the facial expressions. Master chief is cold with no expressions, and yet every scene he's carrying his helmet instead of wearing it... Gosh

toa är bara förkortning för toalett.

Captain obvious slog mig på kinden, men jag insåg det nu OK! Mobbad inte

This month's quote is just too damn good

Word, Winnie

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Let's make a C library that disallows pointer arithmetic and call it std::safe


i feel like im out of touch with reality. i cannot find a single game on steam that even closely entices me.

then steam recommends me this. game over, just uninstall steam. im done trying to seek games

Finally. 2000 piece 🧩 took a year for most of it, took another year for the sky.
Got damn hell of a puzzle

I have, much like many others, created generic implementations for common data structures using Go generics for Go v1.18+

I'm a programmer, I'm no different than anyone else. I eat my burgers 8 bits at a time

Nytt för i år blir både äppelglögg men vad jag är mest taggad på är havtornsglöggen :] 🎄

I love that piano is so good at setting sad mood. But annoyed that there's so few other instruments that does it

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