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@forgefed If ForgeFed takes off and it becomes the GitHub killer, then I'll be missing that search box a lot from GitHub.
Y'all know of any repo indexers out there that can index any git repo site, such as a Gitea site?

Just found out that the opposite of a monopoly is called a "polypoly", which is just insanely funny to say out loud

Dammvippa är något jag aldrig trodde jag skulle införskaffa.
O jävlar vad bra den är

Nu när Max o donkens veggoburgare är så nära till smaken till nötburgare, varför har dem ens kvar nötburgarna? Vad är det för stolthet som andra försöker behålla i att argumentera för kött när det är så mycket värre för miljön?

Oh jisses, nu börjar jag låta som baksidan av ett Oatly paket...

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@Gargron aah, so you're saying that this story is...

....stocking you?


Just yesterday I got the privilege to attend Juval Löwys course on "Righting Software" over at NDC London 2021.

I heard his episode on Software Engineering Radio and been so fascinated ever since. Really glad he went into more detail than from the SE-Radio episode.

If you're any at all tipping your toes into software development, you should definitely hear what he has to say. Starting with the free podcast episode:

Tl;dr: software development is nothing but broken atm

If you're european, you should sign this initiative about universal basic income (UBI).

If you don't think it's good, you haven't looked up what is actually could mean for a society.

Playing around with some CSS media queries...

You can totally have a border radius with a transition depending on media query. The looks is kind of freighting though

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Hi Fedinauts!

I'd done very little ForgeFed work in the last few months, first because of the covid mess and then because I've been very active in Extinction Rebellion.

This week I'm finally spending time coding again, implementing basic OCAPs for authorization when processing a request to merge a Merge Request / patch. So the whole workflow will be possible: Open a MR, comment on it, submit updated versions, & finally merge it into the repo. And all of this will be in the specs :-)


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The database servers powering Let's Encrypt
Submitted by: jaas; Score: 500

A dense book is a good book where a lot happens in it.
A dense arena is a good thing where it's packed to the brim with people.
A dense meal is a good meal that filled you up completely (and beyond).

How come you call someone "you're so dense" it's the biggest insult on someones intellectuality. What part of that insult... is the insult?

I want a cartoon TV show with an owl that DOESN'T turn their head 180°

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please enjoy this video of a little round blue jay eating tomatoes

Don't know why I haven't joined earlier. Long overdue but finally a member of the FSF :)

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Can you treat loneliness by creating an imaginary friend?
Submitted by: pseudolus; Score: 116

Inget kontor är fullständigt utan en käftapparat

Disney Soul, watch it before reading 

Just watched Soul and got damn I do really love movies that ends with me staring at the screen, thinking. It's message is the best life advice that Disneys movies have yet to produce, IMHO

Difficult to speak nicely about Mozilla during these times, but I just found their project Servo. A new web browser engine that aims to be more performant by taking advantage of today's growth of numerous 64bit lower power cores.

Seems so promising to get another web engine out there except chromium, gecko, and webkit.

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