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Dag 3 av roadtrip till Norrland med @Japan

Börja vända tillbaka sydvästerut. Nästa destination: Lövliden i Lappland. Vi fann en underbar plats på Storholmen med strand, grillplats, plan öppen mark för tält, och parkeringsplats så vi slapp vandra

Dag 2 av roadtrip till Norrland med @Japan

Längre norr bortom Umeå i Västerbotten till Yttersjön. En rask promenad och sedan hittade vi en stuga vid vattnet. Njöt även av en borre till efterrätt.

Dag 1 av roadtrip till Norrland med @Japan

Stannade vid Hotell Södra Berget, Sundsvall, Medelpad, för en gudomlig utsikt.

Sov vid Hörsångs Camping i höga kusten, Ångermanland.

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An open letter against Apple's new privacy-invasive client-side content scanning
Submitted by: yewenjie; Score: 159

My new favorite smile is the integral one


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The deepest question I've yet made my mind up about is,

if there was a McDonald's convention, would I attend?

The moment you decided to ask someone for guidance, you've already made your mind. No damage in fleshing out your idea, though.

im not addicted to cocaine

i just like the smell of it

I don't need this, but now that he has introduced the subject, *I crave it*.

: Food coloring does not stick to dog fur :(

Last image is after drying him after the 20 min bath

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#TIL The #Brainfuck programming language has a dialect called "I use Arch, btw". In this dialect, the original symbols are replaced with "I", "use", "arch", "linux", "btw", "by", "the", "way". #Arch #ArchLinux

This is a "Hello World!" example:

arch the i the use linux the way i arch the i arch arch arch i the arch arch arch arch arch arch arch arch arch arch arch i way the i way linux the use way i linux way way arch arch arch arch arch arch arch arch arch arch use way i i i i i i linux linux linux linux btw use use arch arch arch btw use linux btw btw arch arch arch btw use linux btw i i i btw use use btw arch arch arch btw linux linux linux linux linux linux btw i linux btw use use arch btw use btw

I rooted for Iceland, what a superb song, but BIG CONGRATULATIONS TO ITALY 🇮🇹🇮🇹🇮🇹

I'm developing borderline excessive collector habits. Watch my attempts at fighting it

Quite proud of that toilet roll collection though. Took me +2 years

Cool stats, but I'm confused how the |jquery| tag holds the top 10 position in "most copied answers"... Isn't jQuery dead since like 5 millennials ago?

Have to concur with the top comment by Pengicitis:

> this video is very important

Worst thing about using GNU/Linux is the generic tech support replies you get.

Image is from a streaming site support where I was unable to login via the web browser

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