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Invitation-only. This Mastodon instance costs money and time to host, so I [@kalle@javisst.space] am keeping it closed to friends only. Friend-of-a-friend rule applies here; if you got an invitation to here, then you are a friend. It's up to every single user on this site to evaluate, case by case, whether a given person may be invited. These decisions does not need to be unison between all the users, only 1 users approval will let you in.

Why does this site exist?

There's a bunch of reasons. The uplifting ones are:
  • Fediverse is cool, I want to get in on this. We can expand later with other platforms that integrate with the fediverse, such as chat apps, image micro-blogging, video streaming, etc.
  • I want all my friends also to have access to this nice tech.
  • Get some practical learning of setting up Linux servers, hardening them, setting up monitoring, e-mail servers, taking use of AWS S3, and just playing around with that. Always wanted to have a server.
But then also we have the full anti-big-corporation arguments. Personally, as a long time Google and Facebook fan and overall lover of the free services we have available today, it has been kind of a red pill mental rollercoaster. Today I'm very keen on adopting these federated solutions instead. Here's why:
  • Fediverse supports diversity of platforms, whereas the current big name platforms only walk towards a more and more locked in oligopoly.
  • Companies sell products to make money, and if their services are free then you as a user are the product they sell. Or rather, everything they know about you is what they sell. This is the whole "they're selling your data" argument. Today, using donation/patron based financial plans is much more viable, and I personally see a much brighter future in such an ecosystem.
  • No risk of a company throwing away (deprecating) the platform out under your feet. The point of this federated solution is that if one Mastodon instance is about to shut down, you can just export your data and move it to a different instance. As there's no company controlling all the instances, no one entity can just throw away features you're relying on.
  • The big corporations that holds the pop social network markets today has thousands of scandals under their belts. Often reoccurring incidents that the companies can solve by tossing money at the problem. As a user of the platform, what can you do? We ponder on our thresholds, like "is this scandal bad enough for me to leave?", to then have the fact that it's so tedious to move being the winning argument to stay. Fediverse solves this a bit by allowing you to completely jump ship and just take all of your content with you, even if you want to jump away not just from a Mastodon instance but away from Mastodon completely.
^ These, and more minor arguments, is what has grinded in my head for the last year. Want change? Make change!

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